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Welcome to the Website of Dr. KC Pang

Dr. Pang is the Chief Executive of K C Pang Consultants Ltd. He was formerly Vice President of the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Chief Executive of the Curriculum Development Institute of Education Department, and Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Education of University of Hong Kong.

He specializes and offers consultancy in the following areas:
- Quality Assurance
- School Self-Evaluation
- External School Review
- Curriculum Development
- Induction of New Teachers
- In-service Education of teachers and principals
- Assessment of Student Learning
- Effective Learning and Study Skills for Students
- Developing Organizational Vision and Mission
- Strategic Planning for Schools and Organizations
- Action Research
- Balanced Education
- Health Education
- Biology Education

B.Sc.(Hon), M.Sc. (McGill)
Cert. Ed. (Dist.), Adv.Dip.Ed., Ph.D. (HKU)
M.I.Biol., C.Biol.

To view his latest publication on how to develop smarter children, please click the icon on 334 Parent book.  For orders of the book, please email Dr. Pang at drkcpang@gmail.com.

Public Services:

Former Chairman, Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education

Vice Chairman, Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence Steering Committee

Chairman, Assessment Working Group, Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence Steering Committee

Chairman of Education Committee and Trustee of WWF HK

Chairman of Academic Board, Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership

Member, Central Advisory Committee, Junior Police Call

Member, Family Council

Member, Education and Publicity Sub-committee, Council for Sustainable Development

334 Parental Guide
My newest publication: a guide to developing smarter children. A must-read for every parent.
Contact Dr. Pang: For contacting Dr. Pang or engaging his consultancy services, please email him at drkcpang@gmail.com.
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